The Machine Learning (mlearn) Group

The Machine Learning (mlearn) Group is a research group within the School of Computer Science at the University of Lincoln, UK. The mlearn Group currently includes the following academic members: Professor Stefanos Kollias, Dr. Vassilis Cutsuridis, Dr. Miao Yu, Dr. Mamatha Thota, Dr. Christos Frantzidis, Dr. Luiz Araujo, Dr Saeid Pourroostaei Ardakani and Mr. James Wingate. Our target is in accordance with the policy of the School of Computer Science to expand Machine Learning, to explore inter-School, national and world-wide collaborations, and to turn mlearn to one of the basic School Labs.

Over the past years significant growth has occurred in technologies that relate to machine learning & understanding, knowledge modelling & management, data science. Machine Learning, a branch of Artificial & Computational Intelligence, focuses on designing, developing and studying the algorithms that learn from data. Models of learning try to follow the function of the human brain, creating machines with intelligent behaviour, which are able to reason, predict and adapt to changing environments, assisting humans in their activities & interactions.